Planning Out a Fairy Garden | Gardening Steps

The fairy garden is an interesting hobby for both you and your children. When making the fairy garden, you can be creative with the design and decoration you want to use. It will also encourage your children to like gardening and making a craft. But, before you start making one, you need to plan it […]

DIY Vertical A-Frame Hydroponic System | Gardening Steps

You can start using this A-frame hydroponic system that you can easily make from PVC pipes. You can use the basic tools to make it. This PVC hydroponic system is very easy and simple to use later on if you want to start gardening. Benefits As mentioned previously, there are many benefits that you can […]

Tips on Growing Banana Trees in Pots | Gardening Steps

Bananas are considered to be one of the exotic plants that will be perfect for any garden. Their abundant green foliage are very fast to grow. If you want to create such tropical atmosphere in your house, you can plant several bananas on the pots. Is it possible? Of course! You just need to follow […]

How to Make a Fairy Garden (for Indoor or Outdoor) | Gardening Steps

Fairy garden is favored by many gardeners as it can be a whimsical nice addition to your garden. Such garden theme can even spark creativity and imagination in your kids. What is behind the idea of building a fairy garden is adding some little plants, flowers, and also structures to turn the area of your […]

How to Build a Clever A-Frame Hydroponic System | Gardening Steps

Do you feel like you lack of enough space to grow plants in your hydroponic garden? Well, all you need is an a-frame hydroponic system. Such system will let you grow plants two times more than a garden bed. Here we present you the steps on building the a-frame hydroponic system: Materials Timber for the […]

How to Transform an Old Jar into a Mushroom Fairy House | Gardening Steps

If you want to keep the stories of fairies keep on although your daughter has already started growing to be an adult, you can try making some fairy crafts to make her remember. You can make some fairy houses from your old jar. Here is simple tutorial on how to do it! Preparation This simple […]

How to Grow Lavender Indoors | Gardening Steps

There are many benefits that you can get when you plant lavender indoors for you and your family. You can enjoy this fragrant yet beautiful plant for the whole days. This plant is also very useful as the crafting materials or the culinary herbs. Lavender can even be used as the medication. It is also […]

Succulent Fairy Garden | Gardening Steps

Fairy-themed garden has been a new trend in garden design. This garden theme turns a garden into a place that is cuter but is useful. The fairy-themed garden can even be more interesting when you grow succulents in it. Succulent fairy garden can be a great choice when you want to turn your back porch […]

How to Grow Delicately Blooming Lilacs | Gardening Steps

Lilacs are the best flower in the spring or summer since they have a nice fragrance and they can brighten your garden. There are different colors of lilacs and they can bloom for around 6 weeks.  Not only they come in different colors, but they can also attract butterflies and hummingbirds to make your garden […]

Amazing Fairy Garden Ideas | Gardening Steps

Do you like gardening? Are you looking for new ideas for your garden? Do you want to build a mini garden for your limited space garden? If yes, making the fairy garden will be a great idea! The fairy garden is a great combination of gardening and decorating. You can plant small plants and you […]