Getting ready to be a gardener also means being prepared to do tons of mistake. Any of them will affect the garden directly. It might cause limp plants, fruitless tree, and so on. Thankfully, these conditions could be avoided. As long as the gardeners do the exact opposite of the mistake, the garden would be pretty.

Plant Too Much Plants

The excitement of being a gardeners often kills the plants. Most of the time, beginners, who don’t know the caring steps, will purchase tons of plants or seeds. Instead of doing this, pick on three plants and take care of them properly.

Take Poor Soil

Another factor that makes the plants die is the poor soil. For the gardeners’ information, each plant needs different type of soil. Throwing them to one general soil type might kill more than half. Therefore, make sure to prepare the beds thoroughly.

Ignore Planning

It refers to the inability to decide how many plants to plant, particularly, when the seeds have grown. In a regular container bed, for example, the maximum plants would be four to six. Don’t forget to group them based on the size as well.

Care Less about Watering

The first time gardeners either have too much worry or not worried at all about watering. Some people are afraid that the plants not getting enough water and pour excessive amount. Again, the only way to give “enough” water is by learning the anatomy of the plants.

Pay Attention to the Tag

In every purchase, the shop will put a tag on each seed packaging. It gives further information about the ideal climate and the special care. Read these tags carefully before purchasing the items.

Put the Plants Closely

The roots of a plant need certain distance from each other. Standing too close to each other will make a food fight. As the result, one plant might die. Again, check the information sheet to give proper distance for the plants.

Pick Wrong Plants

Have heard about climate zone? It refers to the area with the weather tendency. It could be hot, dry, wet or cool. Depending on the weather, the gardeners should pick different plants. It is no use to plant wet plants in dry soil.

Ignore Mulching

There are several benefits from mulching; preventing moisture escape, cooling the roots in heat, and preventing weeds. Therefore, it is funny how some beginners choose to ignore this step. Try to do it regularly and see the effects on the plant!

Keep Silent

As the first timers, there must be a lot of confusions and questions about gardening. When there is no answer from the internet, speak up! Many professional gardeners are ready to help, only if the newbie ask them.

Act As the Pollinators

Several plants cannot do the pollination by itself. It needs help, either by human or insects. If the plants need human help, then it is important to learn about the period.

Is it too late to fix all the mistakes that have been done? Not at all.  In fact, the gardeners have endless opportunity to apply the right way of planting seeds and growing it well. Try to at least give regular water and mulch. Also, make a schedule to do the pruning.