Do you want to have your own fresh fruits and vegetables on your kitchen table for the whole year? You can get what you want from your greenhouse.

If you grow your fruits and vegetables inside the greenhouse, you will have a chance to protect them all from any string wind or birds. The greenhouse is also able to offer warm and stable environment for your plants.

Fold-Down Greenhouse

You can make this project if you want to have such a beautiful garden and at the same time unhidden garden which is ready for all weather. The structure of this greenhouse is very light but it is very sturdy to deal with mild wind during the autumn.

A-Frame Wooden Greenhouse

You can build this A-Frame Shape greenhouse from wood. The length of the wall is about five feet and it is able to offer sufficient space to install and work on such comfortable potting tables. The wall is also able to provide adequate space for your plants to grow.

Detachable Cover Greenhouse

You can build this raised garden frame using some woods or planks. Then, you can add some small weave mesh as the cover. You can remove and attach the mesh as needed if you want to protect your plants from any pests or birds.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

If you happen to have lots of recycled plastic bottles, you can use them to make your greenhouse. You can also collect these plastic bottles from your friends, neighbors, restaurants, or any other places.

CD Case

If you have some old CDs, you can use their cases to make your own greenhouse. You just need to glue each case once they meet each other. Line the cases carefully so that your greenhouse walls can be even. Make sure to lay them flat until they all dry.

Storm Windows

You can build the greenhouse by using three storm windows which have the same sizes.

Cedar Branches

You can build this simple greenhouse from the cedar branches. This small greenhouse is very useful to protect your seedlings from the cold weather. Later on, when the weather has turned warm, you can remove the greenhouse.

PVC Pipes

If you use PVC pipes as the frame for your green house, you will have strong shelter which protects your plants from rough weather. This project is also inexpensive.

Plastic Bottles

You can make your mini greenhouse by using some plastic bottles or containers. This project is very effective if you want to raise the temperature for about 10 degree F. You can provide heat for your plants like eggplants, peppers, and also tomatoes.

Straw Bale

This project will need some money on the roofing. However, you can obtain the rest of materials in cheap price or even free, especially the straw. The project’s size is about 10 times 14 feet.


This shape of greenhouse is very unique. It also has the lightweight structure. You will find that this greenhouse is also stable under the snow and wind. It also provides maximum light absorption.

Old Antique Windows

You can make your greenhouse from old windows. Once you have built the box, you need to hinge the windows on the top of the box as the access. You can also add the water line down and attach some hose to the box. This way, you can easily water your plants.