If you want to start gardening, you can do it without having to spend lots of money to prepare everything. You can just use the tools and utilities that you have already got at your house. You can turn the tools around your house as the media for your gardening. Of course, if you are able to do it, you will save lots of money and also time. Furthermore, you may also have the opportunity to recycle or reuse things that you tend to throw away after not being used.

Hack 1. If you happen to have lots of empty K-cups that you store in your kitchen, you can start using them all to plant the seeds.

Hack 2. Do you have a used bird bath that is just sitting in your garden? You can make use of it and turn it into useful media for your gardening.

Hack 3. If you have old keyboard at home, you can now use the keys of the keyboard as the plant markers. You can name your seeds by using the keys.

Hack 4. You can use the old milk jar as the media to water your garden. Just create small holes on the tip of the jar and you are ready to use it.

Hack 5. Do you have lots of eggs cartoons? Now, you can make use of them to plant your seeds. Just fill each hole with soils, fertilizers and seeds and you are ready to start gardening!

Hack 6. You can also make use of your old wine bottles as the steady water supply for your plants. Just place one bottle for one plant, and you have your plant watered.

Hack 7. You can use a glass of water and some paper towels to water your indoor plants. Easy, isn’t it?

Hack 8.  You can also make the seedling media from old newspapers and muffin tins. You can make just like bombs.

Hack 9. If you have the coffee filters in your kitchen, you can make use of them for keeping the soil inside the pots and prevent it from leaking out.

Hack 10. If you have an old shoe rack, you can use it as your garden. Just use each hole of the shoe rack to plant the herbs. It will be such a vertical garden later on.

Hack 11. You can use the plastic forks in your garden. You can place them in the sol for your prevention to keep the animals from your plants and even from your garden.

Hack 12. You can also make the greenhouse protection for your plants by using the old milk jug. Cut the bottom of the jug and you are ready to use it.

Hack 13. If you have used toilet paper rolls, you can change them into planters. They will also become biodegradable planters, don’t you think?

Hack 14. You can also create your own barrel to water your garden which is coming from the rain water. Want to try?