Several vegetables are so easy to grow that it allows you to grow it indoors as well. If you don’t have space outside, these vegetables will be fine growing indoors.

You will need 12 inch pots to grow the carrots, sunny window, and soil. Maintain the soil moisture.

You only need moist soil and sunny window setting to grow it nicely.

You can use plastic sacks, buckets, and baskets. Give some room for the compost.

Just sow the seeds for even farther apart. It survives during winter too.

It takes four to five weeks to grow and it prefers darker room.

You need six inch of soil in a pot and sunny window setting to grow it.

It takes a longer growing season to grow it indoor but it serves longer and more.

This is a perfect vegetable plant to start with for a beginner gardener.

It likes a little humidity and you can set water and pebble near to it.

They only need south facing and sunny window.

They are quick to harvest and they make perfect alternative to new gardener.

Set it near to sunny window and maintain the condition for

You only need tiny pots and sunny window to get these greens grow.

Just water them whenever the soil is dry and you’re good to go.

Just make sure to add space between the seeds and a pot is perfect for three seeds.

It needs direct sunlight and large pot to grow. And then, you are set.

You can use small pots for this one, and everything else is similar to grow bell peppers.

It shouldn’t take too much effort to grow and maintain it until harvesting.

You can use containers or plastic charts to grow it and harvesting is due two weeks.

Any container or pot is fine but it needs to be plant four inches deep.

Start with seeds and provide enough sun light every day. It grows fast.

Mix compost and the regular potting soil to provide the best medium to grow.

All it needs is direct sunlight from the window, and large and deep pots to grow in.

Use soil and compost mixture, and black plastic containers that are deep and large.

Now you know you have many options and they are all edible. Which one do you want to start with?