Peonies are showy flowers with nice scent and impressive look. These properties alone already sell the flowers so well and engage a lot of people to an affair with the flowers. Even though it is a popular flower, peonies are actually difficult to grow and are considered delicate. However, it isn’t that hard as well to grow it perfectly. If you are still struggling right now, you need to know the following magic spells.

Obviously, it needs fertile soil to grow on. Peonies are originally not very fussy about the soil. It can grow happily even in clay or chalky soils. However, fertile soil will bring the best out of her and free draining soil is the best match to its natural beauty. These peonies hate it sitting in water during winter.

For best result, it is recommended to prepare the soil first. First, scoop the soil and loosen it a bit. Then, fertilize the soil with all purpose granulate fertilizer and combine with compost. It should help in providing the best place to grow for the peonies. It affects on its health, colors and shade, and strength.

Peonies love the sun light. They grow best when they are exposed to sun light and get enough during the day. They actually can manage with half of the day without sun light, but you will want to benefit from sun light for real good color.

Several varieties are actually even tolerating some shades during the day more than other varieties, for example the white wings peonies. However, too many shades will make peonies reluctant to flower as expected. If you need to, place the flowers under the sun the whole day and place them back during the night.

It is a must for the tuberous roots to be planted not any deeper than 2.5 cm from the soil surface. The case is that it doesn’t exactly show signs of being buried too deep. Your peonies will still show awesome foliage, but it won’t flower in the end. If it happens to your peonies, they can be buried too deep there.

If it happens, patiently wait until autumn. Then, carefully lift your peonies without ruining the roots buds. Replanting the peonies in the suggested depth will solve the problems in an instant.

Peonies can be delicate and hard to grow, but you know the keys to beautiful flowers growing now. If you made wrong steps before, the guide above should help you right away.