Are you interested in growing strawberries in your garden? There are some useful tips that you can use to successfully plant your own strawberries.

Life Cycle of Strawberries

You need to understand their life cycle if you want to successfully grow them. They usually grow in the spring under some warm soils and die back during the winter. When your plants are already bearing fruits, most strawberries fruits tend to grow some runners along with the baby plants on their tips. You need to cut the runners if you want your strawberries to grow more fruits.

The Resting

After producing the strawberries’ fruits and offspring, these plants will take some time to rest. They usually take rest during the half of the summer season. When you find that the plants are resting, you need to keep them weeded and watered. Why? it is because they will grow again in the fall.

Ideal Containers

You can choose the ideal containers to grow them. Use some planters, terracotta pots or hanging baskets that are special designed for strawberries. However, you can also use the old vegetable craters or wooden wine craters for growing them. You can lift them to the direct sun easily. You also don’t need lots of energy to put them back under the shady place afterwards.

Growing Strawberries in Pots

If you want to grow the strawberries in the pots, you need to make sure that you have prepared perfect media for them to grow. You need to fill the pots with some well drained soils along with the fertilizers. You need to water the pots if you see that the soils are dry as strawberries love to grow in moist environment.


For your information, strawberries require 8 hours of the direct sunlight every day. They also need to have some acidic soils with the balanced pH around 5.5 up to 6.8. If you happen to have the naturally alkaline soils in your garden, you can place the strawberries trees in the container and you can fill half of the soils with some high quality soils.

Some varieties of strawberries trees can be planted in some clay pots. Make sure to mix the soils with some compost before filling the pots with the soils. If the soils are sandy, you need to cultivate them to get rid of the weeds. Then cover the soils with some manure or compost.


Make sure to space each tree for about 18 inches from each other. As mentioned before, strawberries trees tend to grow some runners along the parent trees. Make sure to bury the plants well so that their roots are completely covered by soils.


You have to be aware that slugs have the tendency to eat the fruits of your strawberries trees when they are just about to ripen. You can cover your trees with some plastic mulch. In summer, you will find some fungal diseases which bring some spots on the leaves. You can cut the foliage and then rake them can be the best way to keep the disease away.