Do you like gardening? Are you looking for new ideas for your garden? Do you want to build a mini garden for your limited space garden? If yes, making the fairy garden will be a great idea! The fairy garden is a great combination of gardening and decorating.

You can plant small plants and you can make the garden livelier with tiny decorations. You can make it in your backyard or you can use containers if you have a small garden. As a bonus, you can give a great sight for your guests. Here are some starter ideas for you.

Beach Fairy Garden

Creating the beach fairy garden is not hard, but you need to prepare the necessary decorations that will go well with the summer theme.

To make it, you just need to prepare the beach sand that you can buy in the craft store, glitter glass, blue marbles, beach miniatures, palm trees, or other decorations you like. To make your dreamy beach fairy garden, you can choose a white container that will go well with the theme.

Then, you just need to assemble the supplies in the container and you will have the perfect beach fairy garden for your house.

Fairy Garden Tea Party

If you prefer the cute fairy garden idea that will go well in every corner of your house, this fairy garden tea party is the best answer. To make this fairy garden, you just need to prepare the cup with the right size.

Then, to create this fairy garden, you just need to fill the cup with the decorations you like on top of the soil and the moss.

Let’s Go On an Adventure Fairy Garden

Before you go on an adventure with your RV, you need to plan it ahead with this fairy garden idea that lets you create your own campsite.

You can make your own perfect campsite in a medium-sized container and decorate the campsite with the mini-sized RV, small table, portable swing, and some small plants to brighten up the mood.

Castle in the Sky Fairy Garden

If you have broken pot and don’t know what to do with it, you can create this castle in the sky fairy garden. This fairy garden doesn’t really need a lot of decorations since you just need to add some stone paths and a castle on top of the pot. Then, you just need to plant small plants as many as possible to make it greener.