Everyone deserves a nice and appropriate herb garden at home. It provides fresh produce and it makes the house smells good. You should consider having one as herbs are normally easy to maintain and they don’t take a lot of space too. Check out the following ideas. They are living proof that a herbs garden can as easy, attractive, and affordable as they are.

There is nothing stops mason jar craze today and we just need to use it on garden as well. Mason jar makes perfect place to grow the herbs, while they make very decorative display as well. You can set up the jars as you want it, but simply putting them together in a surface is already stunning and easy to maintain.

While it is a great idea for a small space garden, the look is simply amazing. In addition to the look, you will love how easy it is to access and maintain all of your herbs. To create even more natural vibe, border your spiral garden with stones with consistent colors but various sizes.

It isn’t a new idea but you can actually use your vacant wall for it. To make it even more interesting, make sure the height is accessible for you while using colorful bottles will be a plus.

Use your old faux ladder and shift the steps to planters. It is easy to reach and maintain while it offers you very stylish rustic style in your backyard. It doesn’t take a lot of space back there and you will enjoy how it actually looks.

Being small plants, there is nothing better but displaying them more. Hang the pots and let your herbs get the best sunlight throughout the day. This is how you spread the scent as well. In alternative to pots, you can use small baskets, or even jars and tins.

There is nothing like creating your own wire wall and hang several small pots of your herbs on it. It is attractive and decorative while it actually maximizes every maintenance and care methods. If you only have small spaces, this is your answer.

Those ideas are amazing. You can do it yourself and they are relatively cheap given to the needed materials. In addition to it, they will add some decorative points in your house or garden. Try one.