A fairy garden is the best idea to make your garden a little cuter with different kinds of tiny decorations and plants. It is relatively easy to make and having a little or no space in your garden won’t stop you from making your own fairy garden.

You can also be craftier since you can make your own fairy garden and its accessories. Instead of buying them, you can use the things around you to make the fairy garden more beautiful.

Garden Gate and Door

Making the fairy garden is not complete if you don’t add a little house and a little door to welcome your little fairies friend. To make a cute door or gate, you can simply use the Popsicle sticks.

You can arrange some Popsicle sticks together based on the size you want and secure them together with glue or place additional Popsicle sticks on top to create the vintage touch. To make the door a little cuter, you can add some buttons for the doorknob.

Acorn Birdhouse

If you have a ton of acorn around your house, you can make the birdhouse for your fairy house. It is easy to make them since you just need to make a tiny hole in the acorn to allow the little birds to enter.

Then, you need to color the birdhouse with your favorite color to make the fairy garden more colorful. You can simply hang the acorn using twine or you can glue it to the twig and place it in your fairy house.

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes are the essential accessory for your fairy garden. You can make your own garden gnomes using polymer clay or using epoxy putty. The polymer clay will be suitable for indoor fairy garden, but the epoxy putty will be the best for an outdoor fairy garden since it can withstand the UV rays.

Fairy House Planter

If you are still looking for the best house for your fairy friends, this fairy house planter might be the best answer for you. In making it, you just need to prepare a pot, moss, stones, and a little door and window for the house.

To make a perfect house for the house, you just need to glue those materials to the pot. Always start with the door and window first, then go with other materials. The moss can be placed to fill the cracks between the stones.