You can start using this A-frame hydroponic system that you can easily make from PVC pipes. You can use the basic tools to make it. This PVC hydroponic system is very easy and simple to use later on if you want to start gardening.


As mentioned previously, there are many benefits that you can get if you make this a-frame hydroponic system by using PVC pipes. Besides being easy and simple, this project is also inexpensive. This hydroponic system is considered to be one smart idea to grow plants on a limited space. You also don’t have to make such great efforts in taking care of your plants.

You will see that this vertical a-frame hydroponic system can definitely help you planting and growing your plants in the garden. You can use this system to grow herbs or other small plants such as strawberries, lettuces, radishes, spinach, and so on.


From the picture, you can see that the basic structure for this hydroponic system is PVC pipes and also downspouts. You can build a permanent structure using the NFT system.

You can add the uni-seals on your DIY hydroponic system so that you can adjust the amount of water that flows into the pipe. By using some new transplants, you can easily raise the level of the water above the net cup up to the roots form. These Uni-seals are very important if you want to make your own hydroponic system.

Furthermore, these Uni-seals will be very helpful to keep away the drainage from leaking. You need to have these seals so that you will not waste lots of water and starve your plants since you don’t provide sufficient water for them.

You also need to install the open ended valve on the bottom part of the system so that you can easily connect your hydroponic system into another system. Once you have finished installing the materials, you can sit back and watch your plants grow.

Perfect Solution

If you have limited space in your garden and you want to grow your own veggies, this hydroponic system is your perfect choice. This system will definitely change your gardening life, save more money from taking care of the garden, as well as save the environment.

So, are you interested in making this easy hydroponic system for your plants? You can start this project by collecting the materials and tools that are required for it. You can also find some video tutorials on how to make this hydroponic system out of PVC pipes. Good luck!