Lilacs are the best flower in the spring or summer since they have a nice fragrance and they can brighten your garden. There are different colors of lilacs and they can bloom for around 6 weeks.  Not only they come in different colors, but they can also attract butterflies and hummingbirds to make your garden more alive.

It is not that hard to grow lilacs, but sometimes the lilacs cannot bloom perfectly. There are some steps that you can do to grow the lilacs as well as make them grow and bloom in their full size.

What you need:


Step 1. Prepare the lilacs you want to plant. Make sure that the lilacs are small enough and they haven’t got the leaves. If they do, you might not get the perfect blooming lilacs.

Step 2. Dig the hole for the lilacs. Make sure that the hole is deep enough and has a bigger width for the lilacs’ root ball. Also, you need to choose a neutral to alkaline soil with pH near 7.0 to make the lilacs grow perfectly in the dry periods.

Take the soil from the hole and mix it with the compost to enrich and give the nutrition to the lilacs.

Step 3. Take the lilac bush and remove the soil on the root ball. Unravel the roots.

Step 4. Place the root ball into the hole.

Step 5. Cover the root ball with the previous soil and compost mixture.