Fairy garden is favored by many gardeners as it can be a whimsical nice addition to your garden. Such garden theme can even spark creativity and imagination in your kids.

What is behind the idea of building a fairy garden is adding some little plants, flowers, and also structures to turn the area of your garden into a magical one. If you are planning to build a fairy garden, either indoor or outdoor, check out the following guidance:

The Kind of Fairy Garden You Are Making

Before going further with the guides of building the fairy garden, here is the picture of what kind of fairy garden you are making. This fairy garden is meant to be for outdoor spaces. Such outdoor fairy garden can be perfect for an area with warn and mild weather for most of summer and spring.

Such garden can be outdoors for some months and then you can pack it up when wind and rain starts up in the winter.

Prepare the Materials

The materials you need to build this fairy garden are: container or tray (it can be a large wine barrel planter and then be filled with fresh soil or you can simply use a saucer, a galvanized bucket, or simply serving tray); rocks, pinecones, shells, artificial flowers, old tea cups, glass rocks, a bag of moss, stones, marbles, and many other items based on how your fairy garden wants to be.

You can find most of those things in a garden supply center at the nearest craft store.

The First Steps

Once you are done preparing all the materials, go on with the following steps: get a birdhouse the paint it blue, add a coat of pearly white on its top, after that paint a door on the birdhouse’ front and then hot glue on moss.

Then, pick up some flowers and plant them randomly throughout the available space. You may need to combine smaller flowers and taller plants or succulents so that you can work better with the available space.

To get the best design of the garden, make sure you plant a rough lay-out of the garden design. Once you’ve got the lay-out, you can occupy a stick to draw the lay-out in the dirt to find the best positions for every element of the garden such as the house, the path, and the plants.

Place the Items

Next is placing the items composing your fairy garden. If you still fail to find a fairy house but you still want to have a focal point for your fairy garden, you can plop a pot in as the placeholder and then you can go ahead and add the items. You can also make a little garden path to provide a place for the crushed up seashells and then add any accessories as you like.

Your Finished Product

Once you are done decorating your fairy garden, you may find your garden looks like the picture below. To make your fairy garden even more magical, you can add extra magical fairy lights that you can find in any large home goods store.