If you want to keep the stories of fairies keep on although your daughter has already started growing to be an adult, you can try making some fairy crafts to make her remember. You can make some fairy houses from your old jar. Here is simple tutorial on how to do it!


This simple yet easy tutorial can be found online especially its video tutorial. However, you can also do it just from following the steps given below. All are completed with pictures so that they will be easy to do.

You can also make your fairy houses from empty rolls of toilet papers later on. For now, you will learn making the fairy houses from some old jars that you can easily find in your kitchen.

Before proceeding to the steps, you need to gather all the materials for this project. What you need to find:


Step 1. Take one jar. Make the shape of mushroom cap from the tinfoil. Make sure to measure the mushroom cap so that it will be fit into the top of the jar. After the shape is perfect and fit perfectly, you can glue the mushroom cap onto the jar top.

Step 2. After the glue is dry, you can cover the mushroom cap with the air dry clay. Make sure to cover all sides and top of the mushroom. You can also apply the air dry clay to the sides of the glass jar and you can shape some doors or windows to make it more real.

You can watch the video if you need more help on this step. After you cover all parts of the jar and the mushroom cap, you need to wait for it to dry completely before moving to the next step.

Step 3. It is now time to paint the mushroom house that has been completely dry out! You can decorate and paint it as you like. You can use some references on the designs. After finishing the paint, make sure to apply some varnish coat all over the paint so that the paint can be sealed.

Tada! Your DIY mushroom fairy houses are done. Make sure to allow the paint to dry before placing them as the decoration. So, do you find this project easy and simple to do? You can also make these mushroom fairy houses with your daughter. Why don’t you try to make some this weekend?