Cheap and Easy DIY Herb Gardens You Can’t Miss | Gardening Steps

Everyone deserves a nice and appropriate herb garden at home. It provides fresh produce and it makes the house smells good. You should consider having one as herbs are normally easy to maintain and they don’t take a lot of space too. Check out the following ideas. They are living proof that a herbs garden […]

3 Magic Spell to Grow the Prettiest Peonies | Gardening Steps

Peonies are showy flowers with nice scent and impressive look. These properties alone already sell the flowers so well and engage a lot of people to an affair with the flowers. Even though it is a popular flower, peonies are actually difficult to grow and are considered delicate. However, it isn’t that hard as well […]

24 Vegetables You Can Grow Indoors | Gardening Steps

Several vegetables are so easy to grow that it allows you to grow it indoors as well. If you don’t have space outside, these vegetables will be fine growing indoors. You will need 12 inch pots to grow the carrots, sunny window, and soil. Maintain the soil moisture. You only need moist soil and sunny […]

How to Grow Best Lettuce in Pots | Gardening Steps

It is fun and enjoyable to grow lettuce in pots or containers. You will experience the harvesting of the crispy, fresh and also homegrown lettuce leaves to add into your salads in such quick time. Choose the Pots Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to be planted in the containers or pots. It contains […]

14 Garden Hacks for Thrifty Gardeners | Gardening Steps

If you want to start gardening, you can do it without having to spend lots of money to prepare everything. You can just use the tools and utilities that you have already got at your house. You can turn the tools around your house as the media for your gardening. Of course, if you are […]

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas & Accessories | Gardening Steps

A fairy garden is the best idea to make your garden a little cuter with different kinds of tiny decorations and plants. It is relatively easy to make and having a little or no space in your garden won’t stop you from making your own fairy garden. You can also be craftier since you can […]

10 Beginner Gardening Mistakes (and How to Fix Them) | Gardening Steps

Getting ready to be a gardener also means being prepared to do tons of mistake. Any of them will affect the garden directly. It might cause limp plants, fruitless tree, and so on. Thankfully, these conditions could be avoided. As long as the gardeners do the exact opposite of the mistake, the garden would be […]

12 Great DIY Greenhouse Projects | Gardening Steps

Do you want to have your own fresh fruits and vegetables on your kitchen table for the whole year? You can get what you want from your greenhouse. If you grow your fruits and vegetables inside the greenhouse, you will have a chance to protect them all from any string wind or birds. The greenhouse […]

7 Simple Tips for Growing Strawberries | Gardening Steps

Are you interested in growing strawberries in your garden? There are some useful tips that you can use to successfully plant your own strawberries. Life Cycle of Strawberries You need to understand their life cycle if you want to successfully grow them. They usually grow in the spring under some warm soils and die back […]