Top 10 Easiest Herbs to Grow Indoors | Gardening Steps

Several herbs are actually very easy to grow and maintain. Some of them are even possible to grow indoors. If you don’t have much space back there and want to smell the herbs indoors, the following herbs will agree with you. It can be a little tricky to grow indoor during winter. However, the African […]

13 Veggies that Grow Insanely Fast | Gardening Steps

Several veggies actually grow really fast. They are known as short season plants. It is essential for you to know the veggies if you plant to keep growing something in your garden. It allows you to be prepared. You can actually use the beds for other veggies and you may want to plant in intervals […]

How to Grow Cucumbers | Gardening Steps

Cucumber is considered as a tropical vegetable. This plant is very good to plant during the hot weather and when there is plenty of water around. When you want to grow cucumbers in your garden, you need to make sure that the last frost has gone since this plant is not that good in growing […]

DIY Garden Projects with Rocks | Gardening Steps

Garden cannot be just a green space for you to grow your favorite plants. Garden too needs to be aesthetic. While there are lots of projects you can do to beautify to our garden, why don’t you try the following DIY garden projects with rocks? Rocks too can play a beautiful function in your garden. […]

Lily Love: How to Grow Lilies | Gardening Steps

Lilies are one of the easiest flowers to grow. Once it is grown, you will be mesmerized by their elegant blooms. Lilies come in different colors based on their variety and once they bloom, they will show vibrant colors that will brighten your garden mood. How to Grow Lilies Growing lilies are actually easy when […]

Flower Container Gardening Ideas | Gardening Steps

When it comes to gardening, it is not merely about planting, watering, cutting, pruning, and doing maintenance to the flowers we have. We also have great ideas on choosing the right flower container. If you are running out of what kind of container could be the best choice for your garden, try checking our recommendations […]

15 Veggies That are Perfect for Container Gardening | Gardening Steps

Container gardening has been an alternative for gardeners with small spaces for everything they want to plant. Actually, there are several plants that will grow just well even in container. You actually can have many plants as larger gardens do, but with container, you save some space. Check out the following list to know more. […]

DIY Garden Trinkets and Yard Decorations | Gardening Steps

Trinkets are common in our home. We have them almost in most places in our home to decorate some furniture or the rooms. Yet, did you ever try considering having them in the garden? Garden is the extension of our home, meaning that it deserves some decorations too! If you are interested in trying it, […]