The fairy garden is an interesting hobby for both you and your children. When making the fairy garden, you can be creative with the design and decoration you want to use.

It will also encourage your children to like gardening and making a craft. But, before you start making one, you need to plan it thoroughly since all elements of the fairy garden itself should go together and not too overwhelming.

Gathering the Ideas

The first important thing to do is know what kind of fairy garden you want to make. There are different kinds of fairy garden idea that you can try out, but it is better if you have something in mind, like making the fairy garden based on something you like.

You also need to decide the place where you want to make the fairy garden, whether it is in your garden or simply make it on the container.

If you want to make your fairy garden stands out, you can use a different container, such as a wheelbarrow, birdbath, half wine barrel, and many more. You can draw the design of your future fairy garden. Or, you can let your children plan the fairy garden they want by drawing it.

Preparing the Supplies

After you have the design, the next thing to do is to prepare the necessary supplies you need for making the fairy garden. The basic supplies that you will need are pebbles, soil, moss, small plants, and toy fairies or any decoration you want. You can find those supplies easily both in the craft stores and gardening stores.

If you want to be craftier, you can make your own decorations using the supplies you have at home. By making your own decorations, you can cut the expense and you can involve your children more in the project. As a bonus, both you and your children can improve the creativity, skill, as well as imagination.

Starting the Project

The last thing that you need to do is to bring the ideas into reality. If you want to make the fairy garden in the container, you need to make sure that it has a proper drainage. If not, you can make several holes in the bottom of the container before you add the soil.

Then, you need to lay out the decorations and small plants based on the previous design. Water the fairy garden carefully after you have finished the planting.