Fairy-themed garden has been a new trend in garden design. This garden theme turns a garden into a place that is cuter but is useful. The fairy-themed garden can even be more interesting when you grow succulents in it. Succulent fairy garden can be a great choice when you want to turn your back porch into your new sanctuary. Here are what you need to do to make your own succulent fairy garden:

Choose the Container and Work with the Soil

To begin with, you absolutely need to prepare the container in which you are growing the succulents. You don’t need to purchase any fancy containers as empty barrels can do the job great. Once you get enough number of empty barrels, fill it with soil. To make sure that your succulent garden has some height instead of just being flat, you need to make the soil a bit higher on one of the barrel’s sides.


Once you already settle the container and the soil inside it, you can start decorating your succulent fairy garden. In the picture below, the succulent fairy garden is decorated with many things such as fish gravel that is used to create a pathway from a house to the garden.

The fish gravel is also added at the bottom part of the garden to add more rich color to the succulent fairy garden. You absolutely can choose other kinds of decorative items for decorating your own succulent fairy garden.

In addition to the fish gravel, in the picture below, light is added to create such Moon Lights. The lights are placed in the succulent forest so that the appearance of the battery pack won’t disturb the overall look of the garden. Also, placing the battery pack in the forest makes it in reach.

Keep on Decorating!

Go on with the decoration until you get the desired look of your own succulent fairy garden. In this picture below, another decorative item that is so cute is the small bench, small bucket, and a well.

Choose the decorative items that are your favorite! Although you can add any kinds of decorative items, make sure they do not overwhelm the garden. Choose the items carefully and thus decorate your garden wisely.

Building your own succulent fairy garden is not complicated. The decorative items for the garden don’t necessarily be fancy or pricey. Go make your own soon!