Bananas are considered to be one of the exotic plants that will be perfect for any garden. Their abundant green foliage are very fast to grow. If you want to create such tropical atmosphere in your house, you can plant several bananas on the pots. Is it possible? Of course! You just need to follow some tips and you are ready to do it.

Tip 1. Choose the suitable variety of banana plants

Since you want to grow the banana tree in the pot, you may have to look for the dwarf variety of banana tree. It is important particularly if you want to place the pot inside your house. The advantage of the dwarf varieties of banana is that the fruits can taste much better than any bananas that you can find in the market.

They are also able to grow for about 2 until 4 meters in any locations. You can choose Dwarf Red, Dwarf Lady Finger, Gran Nain, Williams Hybrid, Rajapuri, Dwarf Jamaican, Dwarf Brazilian, or Dwarf Cavendish from the dwarf banana varieties. However, if you want to use the ornamental banana trees, you can choose Musa ortana, Musa sikkimensis, or Ensete ventricosum.

Tip 2. Buy the Chosen Plants

After deciding which variety to grow in the pot, the next tip to do is to buy this variety. You can get the banana trees from the nursery although they may not carry them for you. in general, this nursery will help you order the right variety online. Most of the banana plants tend to come as corms and bulbs; therefore, you need to prepare the media right before they arrive.

After you get the corms or bulbs, you need to rinse them using the lukewarm water so that you can get rid of any bacterial or fungal growth. This bacterial or fungal growth may be obtained when the corms or bulbs are on the shipping.

Tip 3. Plant the Corms or Bulbs

Have you prepared the pots to plant the corms or bulbs of banana? If not, it is better to use medium sized pots which have a hole at their bottoms for the drainage. After the pot is ready, you can start planting the bulb upward with the position of the top part uncovered. It is done for this top part to be able to get the direct sun light.

Then, you can cover the bulb with soil whenever the leaves are starting to grow. If your banana plant has become the bound of container, then it is the time to move it into bigger pot so that you banana plant can start growing the fruits.

Tip 4. Choose the Perfect Location for your Plant

Since banana is considered as tropical plants, it means that they need lots of sunlight and also humidity. Mind this important thing when you choose the location to place your banana plant pots. Make sure to choose the location which enables the direct sun during the day but at the same time it is protected from the direct wind.

Tip 5. Mind the Soils

Make sure to buy soil mixture with high quality. Banana plants require sandy and well drain soils for them which are also organic rich and compost. When you mix the soils, add perlite, sand, manure or compost.